Foster SAC Minutes

SAC Meeting Notes 



Leigh Heister (Principal) 

Cristin Lasser (Committee Chair) 

Suzanne Woolworth (Secretary) 

Gayle Howard 

Angeles Osorio 

Caitlin Fitzpatrick 

Kim Benage 


  1. UIP 

  1. Strategy and focus for this year: 

  1. Systemic Literacy Approach, with a new curriculum that was introduced last school year.  Teachers will be engaging students in both English and Spanish. 

  1. MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) - includes school resources, training, and structures to meet all students’ needs, with time to discuss every student and what is needed for next steps toward further student success. 

  1. Robust dual language program structure and community involvement.  Foster staff will have a deep understanding of Dual Language programming, which will be implemented and evident throughout the school.  Foster will engage families and community in community-building activities that will promote sociocultural competence and promote understanding of the dual language program. 


  1. High Dosage Tutoring 

  1. Provided through Esser (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund) Funding, which was money the federal government gave school districts through the CO government to “catch up” from Covid-related issues. 

  1. Tutors have been hired (and some positions still need to be filled) for 1st-3rd grade literacy, 6th-8th grade math, and 4th-5th grade math.  In addition, a 1st-3rd grade tutor is lined up for Spanish tutoring for native Spanish speakers, and another position is available for a Spanish tutor for native English speakers. 

  1. Focus determined by data from prior year’s testing. 


  1. Title One Status Update (free and reduced meals) 

  1. 55% of a school’s population need to be on free and reduced meals in order to qualify for Title One funding 

  1. School-wide Foster is at 57%, made up of 51% at the elementary level and 75% at the middle school level 

  1. This affects our funding, but is planned and budgeted for ahead of time 


  1. Budget Update 

  1. Enrollment is up!   More students are staying one year to the next, and more families are enrolling. 

  1. Foster is at 336 students without Pre-K (31 in Pre-K). 

  1. October 2021 count was 325 so we are allocated funding for that number. 

  1. We need additional funds to cover the additional headcount. Leigh is working with the district for those additional monies. 

  1. Foster is down 100 students from where we were 4 years ago.  External factors that are affecting many school districts (lower birth rate, high cost of housing for young families) are also affecting Foster, but we also transitioned the Traditional track out.  We did create a middle school but it is new and needs time to grow. 


  1. Choice Enrollment Ideas 

  1. Connect a prospective family to a currently-enrolled family/student, so they can ask questions and get a picture of life at Foster. 

  1. Have current caregivers/families come on the tours with Leigh. 


Link to Presentation 

** Item for next meeting will be to discuss how Foster is being funded 

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